We need to pay our FARMERS fairly for producing homeland biofuels. We must stop spilling America's young blood for foreign oil....…

Our Montana Strategic Biofuels Mission:

1) Initiate actions, both political and organizationally, to enable Montana's farmers to earn a fair and competitive return for supplying homeland biofuels to our Nation’s warriors.

2) Identify and organize critical agencies, politicians and citizens to initiate action to produce Montana biofuels which will allow us to stop our dependance on imported foreign oil.

3) To produce large quantities of biofuel products, proving out that capability, for the initial use by our Air Force (Montana Air National Guard & the Malmstrom AFB flying assets) under all weather, Montana, flying conditions — for a several year period with a diversity of AF jet and helicopter aircraft.

4) To accomplish this with our currently available agricultural, commercial, industrial and government assets in the Great Falls North Central Montana area including those at Malmstrom AFB and the local MANG wing of F-15's.

5) To stimulate the production of Montana grown oilseed crops for the above stated purposes and to have those crops processed, locally, into biofuel products.